Welcome to my website. I am still learning to use WordPress and it is my intention to build a site about things that I find interesting.

On this part of the website I share photo’s and recipes of the things I cook. I cook new things every day. Taking pictures and writing down the recipes in a blog gives me a great tool to remember the things I’ve made and to share the experience and my creativity with you.

Cooking is one of my passions. I love to cook for myself, for my girlfriend Iris and for my friends and family. It is my primary outlet for my creativity.

I am mostly a self taught cook. My mother used to bake cakes and bread with me and my brother but I learned most of my cooking skills from cooking shows on television and from recipes in the free magazines that supermarkets provide. Once I learned the basic skills of cooking, baking, frying, steaming, cutting, peeling, e.t.c., I started cook the way I do now. I go to a (super)market without knowing what to cook, I then look around, buy some things and start thinking of how to put them together with the food that is still in my fridge or is growing in our garden. By the time I get home, I have decided how to prepare the food I bought. I still buy and read cookbooks and I still watch cooking shows on television but I rarely prepare the recipes I read or see. I use them as inspiration for combinations of flavours and preparation methods.

I hope my recipe blog inspires you to start cooking yourself or to try preparing new things and that you’ll experience the joy cooking brings me yourself.

Iris and I taking care of our allotment.


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