These are my favourite websites.


Food Curated
Liza de Guia makes short documentaries about local food producers, mostly in and around New York. Her website is my main inspiration for my blog. One day I hope to be telling stories about where food comes from just like she does.

BBC Food Blog
Controversial  questions and inspiring recipes.
Artikelen en discussies over voedsel, herkomst, levensmiddelenindustrie, supermarkten e.d.

Good food jobs blog
Interviews with people with great jobs in sustainable, healthy, tasty food.

WUR Rural Sociology Group blog
Blogposts by staff members of the RSO group at Wageningen University about their research, education and personal food-related experiences.

The great pine nut mystery
Website about Grace Tan’s research on pine nut syndrome. An adverse reaction where after eating pine nuts, one develops a bitter-metallic sensation in the mouth upon eating or drinking


Gluten free girl
Shauna James Ahern writes about the challenges of cooking and eating when you have celiac disease. She discovered that through limitation of not using gluten, she was forced to be creative wile cooking and how much fun that can be.

Poor Student | Food Geek
My friend Grace writes about her food. She goes crazy for soft, gelatinous, bouncy, squishy food with amazing colours and subtile flavours.

BBC – Food
Huge database of recipes. Search on ingredient, season, chef and special-diets.

Kumquatsta’s Youtube channel
A gazillion video’s of tv cooking shows.


Ken Rockwell
Anything you need to know about photography, you can find on this website. Ken cuts out the bullshit and the marketing blabla and tells you only what you need to know.

Extensive camera reviews

Camera labs
Camera and lens reviews

Lens reviews


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